Memoriam Cards

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Welcome to Ireland’s specialists for customised memoriam cards where the freedom for an individual design is matched by outstanding quality and an extensive proofing process.

We understand the importance of producing an in memoriam card that is unique and relates in style and message to the memory of the deceased person. Keeping this in mind we developed our unique “construction kit” which enables you, the customer, to build ‘your’ memorial card according to your requirements and ideas.

Therefore we do not offer pre-printed memorial or acknowledgement cards where only the name and picture are added, but rather give you the opportunity to arrange the card yourself, drawing from a vast variety of components.

Even for the STANDARD MEMORIAL or ACKNOWLEDGEMENT card we offer complete freedom to pick any image, text and background from our selection and arrange it the way you want it. If you do not find a suitable verse/prayer in our samples, please feel free to send the required text with your order and we will include it at no extra cost.

The aforementioned applies of course for the FULLY CUSTOMISED MEMORIAL or ACKNOWLEDGEMENT CARD, with the addition that you can not only provide your own verse but images or/and background also. E.g. one picture of the deceased can be blended into a background image depicting his/her local landscape (view from the house, cattle in field, local church, etc.) and a second one added to the front of the card, which can have another local scene as background.

Needless to say that this freedom does not only apply for the double-page in memoriam card, but also for the SINGLE and WALLET card and for the MEMORIAL BOOKMARKER.

Probably the most elaborate choice is a card (generally a MEMORIAL BOOKMARKER) where we combine a number (4 – 7) of photographs, remembering the deceased person through the various stages of his/her life. Here, too, you can provide own backgrounds.

To add the final touch of class we offer WALLETS (HOLDERS) for memorial bookmarkers, wallet and single cards. Again, you can choose from our selection or provide your own ideas, which we will happily implement.

Please read carefully through this brochure and we are confident that you will find all the components to create a unique card which will do justice to the memory of your loved one.